Foto Tallinn 2021 announces partnership with Luminor

Foto Tallinn 2021 is proud to announce our partnership with Luminor. The third-largest provider of financial services in the Baltics will acquire sustainability-themed artworks for a value of at least 3000 euro from the display selection and will organise a webinar on art investments for both Foto Tallinn visitors and Luminor customers. 


Through acquiring the artworks, Luminor wishes to recognise artists working on topics of sustainability and promote an open discussion on these relevant issues. Sustainability and environmental conservation is a key feature of Luminor’s ESG policy both in internal conduct, but increasingly when working with partners and clientele. 


The purpose of the webinar is to introduce the wider opportunities art offers as an investment. Panelists will discuss art as an investment, give the audience an insight into the latest market trends, and introduce key takeaways from the Estonian Art Index, a project launched 3 years ago. The seminar panelists and event schedule will be announced on our webpage in August.


Foto Tallinn