Participant Category: Artist

Shalva Khakhanašvili (Okapi Gallery)

Shalva Khakhanašvili’s (1964) works from the Urban Archaeology series are part of the Ideal Black project. Exposition consists of a series of three works.   Artist is presented by Okapi Gallery.

Temuri Hvingija (Okapi Gallery)

Temuri Hvingija’s (1978) works from the The Boundless Cities series are a part of the Ideal Black project. A series of four works are presented in collaboration with Musical Blockchain Artificial Intellect.   Artist is presented by Okapi Gallery.

Mari-Leen Kiipli (Kogo Gallery)

Mari-Leen Kiipli (1988) studied photography in Tartu and Tallinn, did an exchange in Vienna and currently lives and works in Tallinn. Kiipli is the founding member of the artist-run space Rundum. Her larger solo projects that combine photography, video, and installation, focus on the cognitive qualities of spaces and situations. In her work, she closely … Continued

Rebecca Erin Moran (FLURR)

Rebecca Erin Moran’s (1976) practice is process driven, seeded from the sensory interactions of everyday life.  It is an open system, it is fluid, it rests on a curve of potential and uncertainty; a feminist perspective on surface, touch, and intimacy.  In her recent research into the backdrop as void, she aims to turn blank … Continued

Erin Honeycutt (FLURR)

Erin Honeycutt’s (1989) artwork combines both image and text in a narrative that interplays the ekphrasis of personal photographs, as well as the ekphrasis of associated visuals culled from fictions associated with the photographs, to create a third, virtual signifier. The photographs and text are a series called Cyber Maroc, photos of cyber cafe signs … Continued

Silvia Pärmann (Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre)

The Countries That Do Not Exist by Silvia Pärmann (1979) is a documentary project that follows everyday life in the countries and regions that have all the trappings of a real country – they have governments and an independent spirit, quite often their own currency and military, sometimes they even issue visas and stamp passports … Continued

Maxim Mjödov (Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre)

“Kanikulõ / Holiday by Maxim Mjödov (1983) is a photo project, which was put together from the negatives of an abandoned family album found next to a trash bin. It portrays the recreational time of an unknown Soviet-Estonian family around the 1950s and 1960s. This project introduces documentary photography in a most comprehensible form for a broader audience … Continued

Alexander Gronsky (ISSP Gallery)

Alexander Gronsky (1980) will present photographic diptychs from the work Schema, a playful take on the perception of space and time.   The diptychs and polyptychs taken in various countries (Russia, Japan, Azerbaijan and elsewhere) are presented as a playful take on the perception of space and time. This seemingly superficial, exciting game of “spot … Continued

Katrīna Neiburga (ISSP Gallery)

Katrīna Neiburga’s (1978) works, from her recent exhibition Hair, look at the various roles hair plays in our lives and society as translators of our feelings and desires. Virgin hair, locks of love, ropes of hair, a newborn’s hair, hair from the dead, hair markets, bald domes, hair that has fallen out, hair pain, bad hair … Continued

Iveta Gabaliņa (ISSP Gallery)

Iveta Gabaliņa’s (1979) My hand is warmer than the Sun contains images of the untouched Svalbard shores, glaciers and their remnants brought to Riga. A block of Arctic ice also travels with them in a suitcase. Out of these two individual objects, new and unique images are created, which are both photographs and photograms. By melting on … Continued

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