Diana Tamane

Diana Tamane (1986) is an artist living and working in Tartu, Estonia. Tamane completed her studies at Tartu Art College (BA) and Sint-Lukas School of Arts Brussels (MA). In 2015–2016, she attended HISK post-academic programme in Ghent, Belgium. Tamane’s work has been exhibited at Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), RIBOCA – Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (Latvia), Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Kathmandu Triennial (Nepal), kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, Latvia), Surplus Space (China) and elsewhere.


In Diana Tamane’s work, everyday events are a source of inspiration, with herself and her family as the main characters. Often, her relatives become co-authors. Thus, she manages to portray not only the relationships between her family members, but also contemporary society in general, shifts in the perception of beauty and the increasing role of photography in everyday life.


Knowing that Diana has been studying photography for more than a decade, her father sometimes asks whether she could take a panoramic photograph of Riga for his living room wall. Usually she declines, saying that’s not really what she does. Once she planned to give a photo to her grandmother as a gift, but her mother placed it in a silver frame. Diana was annoyed, but her mother responded that her grandmother would like it. In the project Commissions, she finally fulfils her family’s wishes.



Foto Tallinn