A Corner With

A Corner With (NO) is a project space for sculptural photography, founded by Trine Stephensen in 2012. It has a focus on collaborative approaches to publishing and exhibition making – to create a dialogue between artists and audiences, centering the creative process. Over the years, A Corner With has supported emerging photographers from around the world and partnered with numerous creative practitioners along the way: Peckham 24, Fotogalleriet, OFFPRINT, Copenhagen Photo Festival and NÕUA. Until 2020, A Corner With was based in Dalston, London, and functioned as an experimental exhibition space. It now continues to follow the ever-changing landscape of visual culture by experimenting with new ways of presenting photography in print, digital, and physical spaces. A new location is planned in Norway, opening in 2022.


At Foto Tallinn, A Corner With presents a collection of works by Giovanna Petrocchi, Hayleigh Longman and Sarah van Rij. Each of the artists’ series and photographic studies were produced in their home environment from March to August 2020.




Presented artists:

Giovanna Petrocchi 

Hayleigh Longman

Sarah van Rij

Foto Tallinn