Anna Kaarma

Anna Kaarma (1992) is an Estonian artist and graphic designer based in Tallinn. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design (2015) and MA in Contemporary Art (2019) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kaarma mainly focuses on the living environment of the Lasnamäe district in Tallinn – the architectural and social superstructure is being unravelled to fragments charged with personal meanings and experiences. Her diverse art practice involves publication design, artist’s books and video works as well as expansive installations.


Anna Kaarma’s latest solo exhibition “ON THE THRESHOLD” featured a panel installation with a bullet hole in the window-pane. The wall panel represents the entrance from the anonymous to the individual space and acts as a threshold between these zones. At the same time, it carries a personal memory from the 1990s with a bullet hole in the kitchen window, caused by one of the shootings nearby. The work with light source photo wall and time-lapse video on the screen captures the light movement in Kaarma’s tower block apartment space. The artwork follows the principle of insolation from the late Soviet period, where the norm of sunlight reaching an apartment had to be at least an average of 2.5 h during the day. Video installation of three videos collects an insight to the personal perception of space, playful childhood memories, stories and a dreamlike logic of space.

Foto Tallinn