Anna Katariina Träskelin

Anna Katariina Träskelin (1989) is a Finnish photographer living and working between Helsinki, Finland and Singapore. Photography for her is essentially a way to explore through the medium’s own abilities and restrictions, to tell stories and ask questions through landscape. She is interested in a photograph’s ability to change dimensions and to deliver a sense of space, time and movement, ultimately being only a two-dimensional flat and still surface. In addition to photography, she draws and works with three-dimensional objects.


Both Träskelin’s series examine the photograph as a surface. The first series approaches photographic space as an illusion, and it shows an alternative perspective into the window-like surface of the photograph. She began the series in 2018; it is a continuation of an older project that was also an exploration to break the illusion of space, disturb the viewer from seeing the landscape in the photograph and make the surface visible. This series brings another surface into the photographic space – a mirror, that itself remains blurred and unclear but breaks the landscape behind by adding a fragment of another view into it.


The second series looks at individual sands and stones as photographs. Their surface, drawn and photographed, traces marks and stories from travels and histories that the old stones may have witnessed. Alongside photographs, this series includes stones as sculptures too. The stones are split in two, attempting to reveal something inside a stone.

Foto Tallinn