Annika Haas

Annika Haas (1974) is an Estonian photo artist based in Tallinn. As a documentalist, she is mainly interested in people in their self-generated constrained and closed environments, which function based on internal rules. One particular feature of standalone communities lies in their opposition to the ruling majority, at times even with the rest of society. That is why she chose existence within such a conflicting situation as the main theme of study of her projects. In recent works, she crosses the boundaries of photography, combining different media including photo, video, sound and light.


Social groups that differ from the general crowd are a good reflection of the whole of society. Annika Haas’ photo project Anatomy of the Estonian Muslim Community is an opportunity to look at ourselves and the community of Muslims that has existed in Estonia for centuries, and to gain an insight into its different layers and history in relation to migration culture. In being fearful of the many influences from all around the world, we might end up seeing in the mirror and elsewhere what we want to see, not what is really there.


Minaret is a photo and light installation that consists of historical and contemporary photos. There is a big discussion about mosque building in Estonia. The general opinion is that a mosque is not suitable in Estonia and will cause problems. But the general public doesn’t know that mosques have existed and still exist in Estonia regardless. Lenticular portraits of local Muslims raise a question of why can’t Muslims look like Muslims in Estonian society and why is it dangerous for them.

Foto Tallinn