celine s diaz

celine s diaz (PT/FI, b. 1994) are currently pursuing a Master’s in photography at Aalto University in Helsinki. They hold a BA in Photography and Visual Culture from IADE-U Lisbon, as well as a Post-Graduate in Discourses in Contemporary Photography from Lisbon’s University of Fine Arts. Their work has been exhibited in Portugal and Germany, and in 2019, they were selected for an artist’s residency at PLAYÁA in Gran Canaria, Spain.


Building on their enduring passion for the kinship of the natural environment, diaz’ In Between Plants project (2020-2021) redirects our focus from the usual way in which we move through nature towards propositions of relationship: whether it’s through swallowing unusual natural elements, embodying the movements of wind, or the vague documentations of intimate ceremonial interactions. The combination of sound, video, and photography provides distinct ways of experiencing the work, and offers a playful invitation to create intent in one’s own engagement with nature. Adopting the example of algae’s mutual cultivation and absorption – bridging spaces between one another – diaz advocates for a greater sense of presence and relation.



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