Cloe Jancis

Cloe Jancis (1992) is an Estonian artist mainly working with photography, video and installation. Jancis graduated from the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018. The artist is intrigued by examining the space between corporeal perception and mental cognition.


The collection of work is named Waiting for Eternity. The bodies depicted in this series yearn for the whole. Yearning for completeness reflects the inner urge to disappear through blending into one. Uncomfortable, in-between, tense and recurring poses have the effect of mental exercises and create the feeling that it is still impossible to become complete through coming together. For a moment it seems possible when both reach the state of feeling each other – until the bodies become separated again and disappear back into themselves. The possibility remains only inside of one’s mind. The incapability to have contact creates a permanent search for unity that is but an endless waiting for eternity.

Foto Tallinn