Cloe Jancis

Cloe Jancis (EE, b. 1992) is a Tallinn-based artist who works primarily with photography, video and installation. She is currently following a Master’s programme in Contemporary Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Jancis is intrigued by the daily roles of women, the territories between these roles, and the feelings that accompany the performance of a role: from anxiety and anticipation to desire. Jancis’ works often refer to the interconnection between personal and public spaces, as well as emphasising the delicate border between existence and slipping from one role to another. Her work has been exhibited in numerous presentations at galleries in Estonia.


Here, Jancis presents a series of photographs produced since 2019, a number of which have never before been exhibited. Some of the images were previously shown in the context of a visual exchange with fellow artist Sigrid Viir, as part of the Isolation Dialogues project. The central theme in Jancis’ presentation is the need for refuge and comfort in the relationship between a mother and child. Her work reenacts a range of different roles and situations, highlighting their physical and mental manifestations.

Foto Tallinn