Dénes Farkas (Temnikova & Kasela Gallery)

Dénes Farkas (HU/EE, b. 1974) is an Estonian-Hungarian post-conceptual photography and installation artist, who lives and works in Tallinn. Since the second half of the 2000s, Farkas’ work has focused on reducing a given social structure into the shape of a representative model, uniting a photograph that is as laconic as possible with its title. His focus is to critique visual representation, the relationship between image and text, and the aspect of social determination in human experience.


About Dreams That Awaken You continues with the personal and existential themes initiated in the artist’s past exhibition  – When I Close My Eyes – at Tartu Art House, 2018. The mental shift undergone by the artist produces more associative and poetic modes of expression evident in fragmented photographs, room dividing furniture, split text and field recordings. The work conjures abstract representations of the things, people and stories that appeared important to Farkas at certain points in his life, yet he refrains from unravelling the events themselves. Instead, small details are removed from their initial context and placed together in one room, allowing for the narrative to be re-edited and revised. 




Artist is presented by Temnikova & Kasela Gallery


Foto Tallinn