FLURR is a project space, an exhibition space and a performance space located above a corridor in the gallery neighbourhood of Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin. There is no static format for FLURR. FLURR is defined by each participating artist. FLURR is on your iPhone. FLURR is in your horoscope. FLURR is at the nail salon. FLURR is fluid engagement. FLURR is a meme and a PhD. FLURR is a watercolour painted app. FLURR is a flung coconut on the U-Bahn.


FLURR’s stand represents the concept of a non-place and occupies a floor space providing a staging for performances and readings. In line with the concept of FLURR, Moran’s piece is a sculptural backdrop. The creative process in the photo/film studio is derived from the imagination, transforming whatever is placed before the backdrop. In this way, it is related to virtual reality.


The virtuality of the backdrop is related to the concept of ekphrastic virtuality in Honeycutt’s work, which is in the form of a publication, the role of which in an exhibition is typically as background info. Ekphrasis, the verbal description of a visual, can also be used to describe images that exist virtually, literally, the concept of backdrop. The cohesive installation consists of Moran’s sculptural backdrop, Honeycutt’s publication, a collaborative paperwork, and performative interventions.


As part of their exhibition, FLURR will curate a live performance series from around the globe via the internet on Saturday called Woolworth┬┤s Web.




Presented artists:

Erin Honeycutt

Rebecca Erin Moran

Foto Tallinn