Hayleigh Longman (A Corner With)

Hayleigh Longman (GB, b. 1995) uses photography to open a dialogue, and to collect stories tied to people and places which explore the duality of human strength and fragility. Longman uncovers ways to visually approach subjects of a sensitive personal nature, considering elements of play and performance within human existence. 


Reflecting on recent periods of isolation – a product of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – Longman explains that ‘the most honest representation of lockdown is the contrast of chaos and calm, the waves of emotions and anxieties that it has held for me.’ Throughout this period, Longman sought strength and comfort in her mother, as well as turning to the therapeutic potential of self-portraiture. ‘Turning the camera onto myself allowed me to represent the sense of the isolation I felt in the confined spaces of my home. The portrait of myself feels timeless, as did lockdown, with the days merging into one.’




Artist is presented by A Corner With 

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