Hedi Jaansoo

Hedi Jaansoo (1989) is an Estonian artist and a photographer based in Tallinn. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Contemporary Art (MA, 2018) and Photography (BA, 2014). She also studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2012/13). She works with fragilities, weaknesses, tensions and beauties, among other – mainly small – things. She is a founding member of Neanderthal Cave School.


Displayed series of six photographs were part of an installation entitled Fears, frailties, beauties, knots and almost nothing (2018). In the core of the project were weaknesses and tendernesses and tensions. Also, non-tensions or lightnesses or frailties or fragilities. And knots and bits and pieces and translucencies. The installation consisted of various materials, which were mainly, but not exclusively, things found at home (e.g. laminate flooring, thread, yarn, tape, daub, etc.) and six inkjet photographs. It was accompanied by a semi-fictional, semi-academical text titled Fear of Being Weak. The six photographs depict, or portray, moments or fragments or situations that occurred during the work process and reappeared within the installation.

Foto Tallinn