Johanna Rannula

Johanna Rannula (1990) is an Estonian artist based in Tallinn. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with an MA in Urban Studies and has an interdisciplinary academic background from various universities in Europe. In photography, she derives her approach from anthropological methods and focuses on documentary styles. She has been on expeditions to Siberia which have led her to explore the theme of deportation and been at Copper Leg Residency in the autumn of 2018. She is interested in the topics of memory of places, nostalgia and aging.


Siberian Souvenirs is an exhibit of the stories of six people who spent their childhoods in Siberia – Raivo, Erna, Saima, Rünno, Olga and Heikki. The story of deportations is also told by the objects they still hold on to. Rannula employed ethnographic methods and collected the objects, personal things that these people brought back from Siberia. In what way, if any, do these objects tell stories? Do the stories fade as their owners pass away? While society commemorates with stone monuments, Rannula was interested in personal monuments – the physical objects that tell both a personal and universal history, and the relationship between the two.

Foto Tallinn