Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre

The Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre (JKDPC) was established to promote the appreciation and development of documentary photography in Estonia as well as to present Estonian documentary photos to an international audience. The mission of the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre is to bring together photographers and other interested people who use documentary photography to tell and experience stories that inspire, enrich, are inclusive and change lives.


The Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre will present the works of two artists: Maxim Mjödov and Silvia Pärmann. Although working with entirely different materials, not to mention the geographical distance or time period their projects touch, there is something that connects the two. A strong yet invisible thread that is built from material collected from lost, forgotten or inaccessible worlds. They both bear this unspeakable element of nostalgia, memories of different times and people. When contrasting the images of the two authors, we may find many layers where they are in dialogue with each another. By opening a unique window to the privy or latent worlds, the photographers give access to the time or space that is often unapproachable to many.




Presented artists:

Maxim Mjödov

Silvia Pärmann

Foto Tallinn