Kirill Gluschenko

Kirill Gluschenko (1983) is a visual artist based in Leipzig, Germany, and is currently doing his MA in Photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (with Prof. Peter Piller and Clemens V. Wedemeyer). He has been awarded the Innovation Prize in Moscow (2016) and the Marion Ermer Preis in Germany (2018). His published books include 1962. Nikolay Kozakov Diaries (2016) and Venets. Welcome to the Ideal (2017, Grand Prix at the Russian national book design competition Zhar-Kniga 2019). Gluschenko has exhibited in Moscow, Venice, Leipzig and Vienna.


Gluschenko’s work focuses on contemporary rural architecture of Soviet Estonia. His ongoing project is a research into Estonian collective farms in the 1960s–1980s. In 2018, Gluschenko made several trips to Estonia, worked with state and local archives, conducted several interviews with architects involved and former workers of collective farms, visited dozens of former collective farms all over Estonia, taking pictures. In 2020, he is also going to make an exhibition and publish a book on this subject.

Foto Tallinn