Krista Mölder (Temnikova & Kasela Gallery)

Krista Mölder (EE, b. 1972) is an Estonian photo artist based in Tallinn. Her works often attempt to depict ‘potential’, using various approaches to avoid showing clearly-defined objects with prescribed meanings. In this way, things in the foreground – the things that the photographs depict – take a backseat. Instead, the backgrounds of Mölder’s photos conspire with what is out of frame, triggering the viewers’ imagination: they begin filling in the blanks of what is left unseen. 


In her recent work, Mölder has adapted her previous approach, focusing on a series of clearly defined objects – in this case, gliders. The sport of gliding represents a tension-laden encounter of extreme vulnerability and control: gliders are forced to surrender to currents of air while hanging above the landscape, but equally they master the elements, surveying the landscape from above. That same tension, however, is almost absent in the work. It is softened into a state of slumbering and waiting; into a nurturing pause under covers; and into a feeling of calm readiness.


Artist is presented by Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

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