Kristina Õllek & Kert Viiart

Kristina Õllek (1989) is an Estonian visual artist based in Tallinn and The Hague, Netherlands. She works in the field of photography, video and installation, with a focus on investigating representational processes, geological matter and the human-made environment. She is interested in exploring the boundaries of what can be seen and used as an image and space, especially now in a time of rapidly developing technologies in the age of the Anthropocene. Her works have recently been shown in various international group and solo exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.


Kert Viiart (1989) is an Estonian graphic designer and visual artist currently based in The Hague, Netherlands. In his practice he deals with the influence of technological development on visual language by researching the relations of virtual representations to everyday objects and environments.


Displacers (2017) is an installation consisting of a series of nine photographic acrylic forms that comment on future archaeology by means of plastic and geology in the age of the Anthropocene. The work combines images made in the area of the closed marble quarry at Mount Pentelicus (famous for its Pentelic marble, which was used in the construction of buildings on the Acropolis and other buildings in ancient Athens) and the 3D-rendered plastic alloy. These two layers are merged together and become a representation of a new form of plastiglomerate rock, a stone type that is a fusion of natural and manufactured materials such as plastic. Plastiglomerate was first discovered in 2006 and has been considered a potential marker of the Anthropocene. The sculpture forms of Displacers are exhibited on the floor and propose a museological dystopic vision of a future geological layer. The work is presented together with transparent plexiglass display holders that use a similar means of displaying aesthetics as can be found in archaeology museums.

Foto Tallinn