Liv Liberg

Liv Liberg (NL, b. 1992) is a Dutch photographer whose work explores ideas of female identity, the act of dressing up, and the experience of coming-of-age, which she developed whilst growing up in the Dutch countryside. Through a combination of staged character-play, dress-up and portraiture, Liberg seeks out moments of complex emotion in her subjects.


After receiving the Mondriaan Fund Stipend for Emerging Artists in 2019, Liberg developed a project about her sister, Britt. Revisiting her archive, Liberg assembled a selection of images for her first photobook, Sister Sister, published by Art Paper Editions in March 2021. The project has been showcased by the likes of Port Magazine, I-D Magazine and Novembre Magazine, as well as exhibited at both Amsterdam’s Gallery Multiple Madé and Art Rotterdam. A selection of images from the project are exhibited at Foto Tallinn.


‘I was 10 years old when I started photographing my younger sister, Britt. It was a game between two sisters in which fashion, dressing up and photography were in line with each other and in which I was in charge. What started as child’s play developed into a serious passion and obsession. The archive of images shows a girl developing into a young woman, becoming increasingly aware of herself and the outside world. I direct my sister in different settings, over a time frame of fifteen years, mostly wearing our mother’s clothes. The work emphasises an almost obsessive attitude that resulted in an abundance of photos.’

Foto Tallinn