Martin Salundi (Art & Tonic Gallery)

Martin Salundi (EE, b. 1984) is an Estonian film operator and street photographer.

At Foto Tallinn, Art & Tonic Gallery will present a dialogue between Martin Salundi and Peeter Tooming. The two artists, despite living in different centuries, both followed a similar career path in working professionally as film operators. Besides their professional activities in the film world, both share a true and undeniable passion for photography, and for documenting life around them through this medium. The dialogue of Salundi and Tooming is not so much an overview of the developments of street photography over the past 50 years, but rather a collection of carefully captured snapshots of the everyday lives, hopes and dreams of different generations. Despite the rapid development of technology and ways of thinking over the past few decades, we still see many similarities and points of connection between the photography of the two men.


Artist is presented by Art & Tonic Gallery

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