Okapi Gallery

Okapi is a gallery for Estonian glass art & fine art photography in the Old Town of Tallinn.


Okapi Gallery presents the international exhibition project Ideal Black. The project brings together the works of three different Georgian artists: Zura Arabidze, Temuri Hvingia and Shalva Khakhanashvili. Recently, the project gained a new resident member in Lithuanian artist and inventor Gleb Divov. Gleb is an inventor of the artificial intellect composer Musical Blockchain, world’s first creative approach to Blockchain & AI. The essential principle is to avoid randomly generated calculations with pre-trained models. The aim of collaboration is to make the photos alive and give them a new dimension as a combination of audio and visual arts. It’s not simply adding music to photos; the artificial intellect composer will read the visual image and give its own creation as a soundtrack for each object personally. Computer-generated sequences powered by pre-trained models are proximate to the result of the work of a real human being.




Presented artists:

Gleb Divov

Shalva Khakhanashvili

Temuri Hvingia

Zura Arabidže

Foto Tallinn