Olga de la Iglesia (Galerie Number 8)

Olga de la Iglesia (ES, b. 1987) is an artist and photographer from Barcelona, Spain, whose work sits at the boundaries of fashion and documentary photography. Referencing principles of painting, she explores the narrative possibilities and visual analogies between colours, shapes and textures. In her practice, fashion photography is a language with which to create narratives that analyse and embrace the structures of diverse human societies. 


De la Iglesia is inspired by humans and by everything we’ve created around us: from the tools and objects we use everyday to the spaces where we live. Her work, which has been featured in a range of international publications, is created almost exclusively in analogue formats, including 35mm and 120 film.


In 2015, de la Iglesia founded Refresco Caribe, a design and art project for which she worked collaboratively with artisans in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Mexico. The initiative was conceived to promote cultural exchange through each piece of work, generating discussions in a language that did not depend on words.




Artist is presented by Galerie Number 8 

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