Paul Kuimet

Paul Kuimet (EE, b. 1984) is an artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. He works with photographic installations and 16mm films, the subject of which ranges from landscapes and architecture to objects and works of art. Obliquely addressing capitalism, its structures and modus operandi in which we are all immersed, Kuimet visually and aurally presents the social and cultural values of the present day through atemporal details and fleeting moments.


Crystal Grid is a series of photo-collages combining fragments of plants photographed in different botanical gardens of the world onto a single surface. The collage pattern for each piece is a variation of a grid based on the roof structure of the central transept of the Crystal Palace. The work is presented in sets of three images, with each containing scrambled fragments of the others.


A Brief History of Scaffolding is a photo series in which the basic structure of the depicted object and the camera‚Äôs vantage point always remains the same. A single scaffolding foot is in some ways the smallest structural unit of the modern real estate economy, a temporary and modular element that appears and disappears in every modern city as quickly and inconspicuously as the movement of capital that assembles the scaffolding in the first place. There’s an abstract parallel between scaffolding and the Crystal Palace. Both are constructions based on a regular frame. They both also appear transparent, lightweight and transient.

Foto Tallinn