Peeter Laurits (Vaal Gallery)

Peeter Laurits (EE, b. 1962) studied at Tartu and Leningrad State Universities, the Estonian Humanitarian Institute and New York’s International Centre of Photography. His main means of expression are photography and digital manipulations. Later in his career, Laurits became interested in deep ecology – moving into the woods and combining neolithic methods with post-industrial ones in both his art and lifestyle. Today, his work is particularly focused on posthumanist ethics. His work – which can be found in numerous public and private collections – has been exhibited in the UK, Germany, Russia and Thailand.


The Rain News series (2016–2021) envisions a sustainable balance between natural self-regulation mechanisms and man-made technologies. Balance can be understood in a few different ways. The human mindset describes it as an equilibrium of fixed and weighed qualities. In nature, it looks more like a dynamic counteraction of ever-changing processes. In Rain News, therefore, Laurits uses multifocal imagery – his technique of simultaneously presenting different focal points  – to envision sustainable dynamics.


Artist is presented by Vaal Gallery

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