Sheung Yiu (SOFT images)

Sheung Yiu (HK/FI, b. 1991) is a Hong-Kong-born artist and researcher, based in Helsinki. His work explores the act of seeing through algorithmic models, as well as seeing through networks of images. His research interests concern the increasing complexity and agency of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in contemporary digital culture. Investigating cultural ideas and technical apparatuses beyond the pictorial surface, Yiu problematises the representational understanding of photography. Adopting multi-disciplinary collaboration as a mode of research, his works examine the production, aesthetics, poetics, and politics of CGI, such as computer vision, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and computer simulation.


How do we touch the world through making images? Through seven images of water splashes, Yiu’s project explores image-making technologies and their entanglement with reality and knowledge. The series simulates Arthur Worthington’s well-documented experiment from his book, Study of A Splash, using 3D modeling software. The resulting images epitomise the displacement of the human eye in knowledge production in the new era of simulation and computational images.


Artist is presented by SOFT images 

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