SOFT images

A group of three Helsinki based photographers who came together because their work, though developed independently, has a common underlying theme – SOFT image (FI). Soft, as in flexible, resilient and does not take a rigid shape. A photograph set free from a creasible surface. It lives on digital screens and foldable fabrics. It lives on museum walls and enters private lives. A picture taken by a camera, An image generated by algorithms, A photograph that acts as data. Photography becomes soft and hard to define. What was confined in the black box expands, leaks outwards, reveals a set of practices surrounding the manipulation of light and perception.

SOFT images conceive an image as an interface, a portal between the veridical and the data world. The photographic image is an aesthetic object as well as a data visualisation, simultaneously working on multiple levels of human and machinic perceptions. Whether it is physical or computational softness, SOFT images explores the ever-expanding notion of photography.


Works of three Finland-based artists – with common research interests – are in conversation under the theme of SOFT image. The theme expresses their intention to expand the notion of photography and their concerns on contemporary issues concerning climate change and the global network infrastructure. Their work explores both new ideas and new forms, playing with materiality and ways of making images. The installation is decidedly multilayered, showing a diverse approach towards SOFT image.


SOFT image is not linked to one space and does not run a physical space. 


Presented artists: 

Sofia Okkonen 

Maija Annikki Savolainen 

Sheung Yiu

Foto Tallinn