Stella Baraklianou

Stella Baraklianou (1977) is a Greek visual artist and lecturer in contemporary art and photography. She holds a practice-based PhD from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2007) and an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster (2002). She works with experimental photographic practices, expanding into fabrication and installation. It is a methodology of “reversibles”: rooted in highly reflective gold, communicating a certain mirroring or doubling.


The exposition is titled Costa de Oro. It is a re-staging of the previously exhibited photographs of Baraklianou’s solo exhibition from 2017, Island. The Costa de Oro isn’t a real place. It is the space of a tourist dream, one of sun, decadence and opulence. The questions which preoccupy Baraklianou are how do we create utopia? How do we reach it? And once there – how do we escape? She constructs a utopia arising from a unique relationship between photography, light and stilling time.


Display is a photo-book based on the artists time when living in Los Angeles: the metaphor of the drive is used as the backdrop to the narrative. An implied movement between exterior and interior is interwoven as location photographs are interspersed with images taken from within the artists studio space. A fixed vantage point of a tree throughout the day, signifies the passing of time. The exterior shots consist of loose narratives that evoke a movie setting. A text written by the artist brings a poetic reading of the photographs, where time and place seem to become irrelevant. Display becomes facade, a window, an entrance into a dream sequence.

Foto Tallinn