Sten Eltermaa

Sten Eltermaa (1986) is an Estonian artist and writer with a plurality of interests. In the context of photography, Eltermaa works at present within the intersection of the built environment and representation of power.


The third part of Transparency Register is composed of six photographs taken in Tallinn in 2019 (the two previous parts were photographed in The Hague and Brussels within the last three years). The images show windows of political and power institutions: Harju County Court, IT Agency, Superministry, etc. The subjects include glass and glass architecture, modernist ideals, metaphor of window in visual culture, virtuality, liminality, transparency, and power and its representation.


Transparency Register is both an exhibition project and a book composed of the photographs, along with an original essay written by Eltermaa.

Foto Tallinn