Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (EE) was established in 2010 by Olga Temnikova, an artist and graphic designer with previous experience as a gallery director, and Indrek Kasela, a creative entrepreneur, philanthropist, cinema owner and film producer. The gallery provides local and international professional representation for established and emerging artists from the region, including Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Russia. 


For the past 10 years, Temnikova & Kasela has been presenting a regular exhibition program in its Tallinn space, working closely with artists and collectors, and playing an active role in regional and international art scenes. International projects shown at the gallery include group shows Narcotics (2020), Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation (2018), Euroland (2017) and International Fun (2016), and exhibitions by artists including Oleg Frolov, Tobias Kaspar, Gili Tal, Sophie Jung, Mike Levitt, Dan Mitchell, Josephine Pryde, Merlin Carpenter and Georgie Nettell. 


Alongside providing a platform for an international dialogue in Tallinn, Temnikova & Kasela gallery is committed to supporting its artists’ activities abroad, building relationships with art professionals outside Estonia, and participating in art fairs. The gallery has previously shown at Basel Art Fair, The Armory Show, Cosmoscow, LISTE Art Fair, Paris Internationale, NADA Miami Beach, and Frieze, among others.


For Foto Tallinn, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery will present a joint booth of three high-profile Estonian photographic artists: Denes Farkas, Sigrid Viir, Krista Mölder. The artworks on view have all been exhibited at Temnikova & Kasela gallery in the artist’s solo- or duo exhibitions in the past two years.




Presented artists: 

Dénes Farkas 

Sigrid Viir 

Krista Mölder 

Foto Tallinn