The Rooster Gallery

The Rooster Gallery (LT) represents the youngest generation of Lithuanian artists. It seeks to address the needs of the art market while advancing the traditions of professional art management. The gallery’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not tied to a permanent location, and is thus able to exhibit in a variety of spaces – with each one chosen in relation to the particular characteristics of an artist’s work.


Since launching, the gallery has been working towards a series of early goals – namely, to discover promising artists and to represent the hottest trends in painting. Working exclusively with young artists allows us to support and promote their careers in their early stages, whilst the gallery’s dynamic international activity and a growing network have contributed to the international recognition of several Lithuanian artists. Works by the gallery’s artists have been exhibited in major art fairs, including Art Dubai, Artissima, ViennaContemporary, Code, Enter and Cosmoscow.


Presented artists: 

Vytautas Kumža 

Foto Tallinn