Vytautas Kumža (The Rooster Gallery)

Vytautas Kumža (LT/NL, b. 1992) is a Lithuanian-born, Amsterdam-based photographer. In 2017 he graduated in Fine-art photography from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He has since participated in numerous international art fairs and festivals, held several solo shows in Lithuania and the Netherlands, and featured in group shows in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Greece and Czechia. 


In the Half Empty, Half Full series, Kumža creates embodied experiences with the use of sculptural elements and presentation displays, focusing on interventions in everyday situations that result in the manipulation of the physical, temporal and aesthetic laws of the subjects within his images. These simulations create a space of contemporaneity in which the beholder can only linger and experience the present moment. 


By provoking the performativity of depth and surface both in the three-dimensional elements of his displays casting shadow on the flat photographs, and in the misleading interplay of background and foreground within images, the installations beckon: ‘Look. Yes, look again, and longer this time.’ Kumza tries to dismantle the logic of the objects so as to be able to rebuild them in different ways, using sculpture and photography. His assemblies oscillate between absurdity, encryption, transcription and inefficient functionality, pointing – at times  – to the banality of the genre.





Artist is presented by The Rooster Gallery 

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