Yasmin Nebenführ

Yasmin Nebenführ (1993) is an Australian photographic artist based in Berlin, Germany. Her practice incorporates digital and analogue techniques to present abstract imagery. Engaging in ideas of micro and macro locations, her work details an immediate and personal response to portrayals of the female body and landscape. Yasmin is a 2016 graduate of RMIT’s BA of Fine Art. She has exhibited photographic work in solo and group shows since 2012 and was a finalist in the 2016 Australian Contemporary Art Award.


In her short time living in Oakland, USA, Nebenführ collected photo slides from thrift stores. Returning to Australia months later, she glued these found images on her bedroom window in Melbourne. For three years they were exposed to the sun and transformed in colour and texture. These few momentos she had from her travels – images she can only guess where they were taken and by whom – transformed into new, abstract imagery and traced memories.


Through this body of work she investigates the found image; its future presentations, transformations and authorship. Found imagery has the potential to distort fact and fiction. It can organise and visually exemplify thoughts and stories. Assembling, collecting and combining, re-telling and re-presenting images that once had a different narrative, or not – the artist is curious as to whether the found image is cutting a corner or not.



Foto Tallinn